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Looking to Sell Your Car to a Junkyard? Talk to Us About Junk Car Removal First

We are a local company based in the North of Austin but also service its surrounding areas.

We buy junk cars and running cars as well, offer competitive pay and will tow your car the same day. 


Our goal is to make your car sale as easy and fast as possible, our drivers will carry all the paperwork necessary for the sale saving you time and headaches. Don't sell your car to a junkyard and get pennies on the dollar! Talk to Car Buyers of Austin about junk car removal and get the best deal available.

What Can You Do With a Junk Car?

If you have an old junk car sitting around in your driveway or garage, it may be difficult to know exactly what to do with it. As it turns out, there are lots of beneficial uses for a junk car that’s doing nothing but sitting around. A little knowledge and ingenuity can go a long way, so here are a few tried and true ideas and methods to get you started making good use of your junk vehicle.


Sell Parts

One common way to get rid of a junk car is to sell various parts of the vehicle separately. Collectors are always looking to buy parts from old, used cars. In most cases, collectors will pay you cash for parts—or even the whole vehicle— than a junkyard. Some parts, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, may still be compatible with modern car designs, or highly valued vintage models.


Scrap Metal

Cars are all made of some sort of metal, and this metal in and of itself can sell for a good price. If you have a car that is in extremely bad shape, the best option could be to sell its scrap metal. Newer cars are often made with more plastic components, but older cars often have an abundance of steel, aluminum, and copper that will fetch a good price on the market.



If you’re feeling especially creative, there are lots of great ways you can repurpose a junk car. Rather than taking it to a junk yard, you can put your effort into a fun project. If made properly safe, a junk car could be a fun place for kids to play, or turned into an interesting sculpture. Some junk car owners have used the skeleton of their old junk car as a large planter for their garden. There’s no limit to how creative you can be with repurposing an old vehicle.



Of course, one of the most common ways to get rid of a junk car is to get it towed to a junkyard or auto salvage. While towing may cost you a small fee, the junkyard will also usually pay you for the vehicle. This is a popular option as it is fairly hassle-free and allows you to just drop the car off, while the junkyard takes care of the rest. Contact Car Buyers of Austin to sell your car for cash! We give cash for junk cars in Austin far and above our competitors.

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