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We Buy Junk Cars of All Kinds. Want Someone to Buy Your Junk Car? We Give Hard Cash for Your Old Car


Not all cars are JUNK and we understand that, we take the time to valuate your car and will quote you accordingly, because let's face it, if you sell your car to a junkyard, most likely, it will be cataloged as just junk even when it is not. 


   So what is a JUNK car?

  • Damage - the vehicle has severely deteriorated with significant parts either missing or mangled, such as the transmission, motor, or tires

  • Missing paperwork - vehicle title and/or registration is missing. Many are hesitant to give cash for junk cars without a title

  • Inoperable - as a result of the vehicle's problems it is unable to be driven


A car that is in running condition with minor issues such as faded paint, small body damage or little Tender Loving Care ( TLC ). We pay you cash for selling your junk car far and above what a large company will do for you. Come talk to us for the best deal.

Is Your Used Car Considered a Junk Car?

We rely on cars as a safe and convenient form of transportation in our day to day lives. They offer reliable mobility for getting to work, going out on the town, and traveling. Cars in Austin or anywhere are always an investment; keeping them running takes work and can sometimes be expensive. As a car owner, it’s important to keep your vehicle up to date and running smoothly. However, no matter how much care and effort you put into maintaining a vehicle, all cars have a lifespan. At what point is it time to condemn a vehicle? When does a used car become a junk car?


While it’s true that only you or your mechanic can decide when a vehicle has reached the end of its lifespan, there are several contributing factors that can help to gauge if a vehicle has become junk.


One obvious way to make this assessment is to recognize whether or not a car is of any use to you anymore. If a car has been sitting there for a long time, takes more than a few tries to start up, and seems to have a few ongoing issues, it might be time to consider it junk. As cars get older, parts of the frame tend to succumb to rust and are no longer worth replacing. While newer cars usually require only a simple fix or a trip to the mechanic, a car that is suffering from more serious issues might not be worth spending the money to maintain.


If the repairs on a car are more costly than the value of the car, it’s probably time to consider it an auto salvage option. If you have a car that is constantly having issues and causing you hassle, it’s no longer serving its primary function: to be a reliable form of transportation.


The good news is, there are even uses for vehicles that are considered junk cars in Austin, TX. You can sell parts to collectors for top dollar, repurpose the frame, and make money selling scrap metal. It can be a huge relief to get rid of the burden of a junk car, free up that space in your life, and make some money on the side.

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